Song of The Day By Future of Forestry


Hey Everyone.

Today’s song comes from a band that I don’t think I’ve ever shared with you on Street Meets Style.

I have been a fan of Future of Forestry for some years now as I think they are a group of visionaries who are super talent and are bringing something different to the alternative rock music scene.

I love songs full of melody, riffs and something that sounds really dreamy and makes you think differently about things and Future of Forestry tick all of these boxes.

I have quite a few favourite songs from these guys, but my #1 favourite song is called, Chariots.

I love this song for many reasons. The first is that it’s not so heavy and overpowering in terms of the volume of the instruments. The second is that they don’t scream and shout which is a common misconception for people who have heard other rock bands. And the third is the lyrics.

Because I am a songwriter myself I tend to listen to the lyrics of songs and read a lot of lyrics because I enjoy telling stories (whether it be a story through my music or through my own personal fashion taste) and seeing/listening to other peoples stories.

The lyrics to this song are very special to me because every time I listen to this song I think exactly the same thing.

The verses help me to remember to stay close to God and shows the beauty of someones close relationship with Him. The chorus helps me to remember that I’m actually going somewhere. Not to stay in the same place. Not to get discouraged because all of my efforts so far don’t seem to be getting me anywhere…yet. There is a better place that’s coming, soon. The sky isn’t the limit. We can go further.



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