My Interview With U.HU.RU

Julian Martinez

Morning Everyone.

Today I have an exciting post to share with you. An interview with one of my favourite producers Julian Martinez aka Jewels! He makes crazy good music under the name U.HU.RU and he was kind enough to take out time to do an interview with me. I hope you enjoy it.

Nadine: How did you get into music? Was it something you was always interested in?
U.HU.RU: I originally began playing the Ukulele and having jam sessions with my cousins every weekend, we’ve always loved hip hop so we started rapping and the rest is history. I actually wanted to pursue a career doing something humanitarian related, joining the peace corps ect., something along those lines . I guess I’m still doing that in a way.
N: If you continued to pursue rapping, how do you think you would have  you put your own stamp on it?
U: Well, I was always (and still am when you catch me in a cypher) that guy who spit about spiritual and conscious topics. As a person who respects the metaphysical aspect of life, I gravitate towards that energy naturally.
N: Who are some of your favourite artists and producers?
U: This is Just a Crazy question to ask any artist so let me break it down into my top 5 Producers and talk about a few of my favorite recording artists
 I really like Kendrick Lamars new album, Its really mentally stimulating and his energy on each track is so strong its really insane. Blu is my favorite rapper of all time though, his music has really done so much for me and has honestly shaped my perspective into a more positive and hopeful one. Im still dancing in the rain.
nuff said…
N: Where do you get your inspiration?
U: Honestly inspiration strikes me at the most random moments, I can be in class, on the trolley, at the beach , at the park, working out and then a sound will pop into my head so I pull out my phone and I record (most of the time poorly ) what im hearing in my head.
N: What does a typical writing and recording day look like?
U: Generally I like to get active before anything so Im usually out with some friends exploring San Diego. Our treks usually consist of a hike and when we reach the top we chill and reflect on life, its good to be introspective and meditate to find exactly what youre goals are that day. After that, I get to it.
N: What is your go to outfit when performing?
U: I  usually go for something casual that Ill be able to chill in after the show like a worn in tee (usually some sort of turquoise), khaki skinnies , Adidas and my Huf hat. Cant forget the Huf Hat
N: What do you want your music to say about you?
U: I want my music to express how in love I am. Ive always had an underlying depression that I cant shake unless Im being active or creative and making music in the energy of love is one of the things that has truly set me free. If my beats could speak theyd say ”  I love you “
N: What tips can you give an aspiring producer that you wish you had been given?
U: Stick to what suits you best and always be balanced, but dont be afraid to change. I cant tell you how many awesome songs I have deleted because I didn’t think it was “Me” when in fact it was, a very creative part of me at that. Stay true, Stay different, Stay Balanced.
Thank you so much Julian  for this interview, and keep on making inspiring music!
Visit: to buy and listen to U.HU.RU’s music.


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