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Drifter And The Gypsy

Nadine: I love your photography. How would you describe it?

Micaela: I would describe it as vintage-inspired, dreamy and perhaps sometimes surreal.

N: How did you get interested in fashion?

M: I was always interested in fashion, but when I first started Drifter & the Gypsy in 2008, I was really inspired by websites like and I would spend hours browsing those websites, being fascinated by people’s personal style.

N: Who are your favourite Photographers/Fashion designers/ Graphic designers?

M: My favorite photographers are Richard Avedon, Sally Mann and Venetia Scott, amongst others. My favorite fashion designers are Orla Kiely and Nadinoo. My favorite graphic designers are Ruth Ansel, Alyssa Warnock and Jess Levitz.

N: How do you stay inspired and motivated to keep working?

M: There are so many things I want to achieve in the future that it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed. But I when I think of how far I’ve come, I’m inspired to keep moving forward.

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N: What are one of your positive messages that you try to get across to women?

M: I don’t think that anyone (especially women since they tend to undermine themselves) should silence their dreams and their aspirations. If you truly want something, you will work your hardest until you achieve it. You will not let yourself fail. I always say, “Dream big. Work it out from there.”

N: What’s your go-to staple piece in your wardrobe?

M: A simple sundress with a cardigan sweater always looks nice and put  together. If it’s in the winter, I layer my sundresses with tights underneath. I love dresses because you don’t have to match the top with the bottoms!

N: What’s a typical blogging day like for you?

M: It varies from day to day, but generally, I wake up early (5:00 am!), check & respond to emails/social media for 1 hour, workout, take a shower, have breakfast and start working on Drifter & the Gypsy and my schoolwork (I’m a Graphic Design student at Savannah College of Art and Design) at 9:00 am. I usually take a few breaks to check social media (Instagram is my weakness) and then eat lunch at 12:30 pm. In the afternoon, I continue working and since I get such an early start, I end my day early, at about 4-5 pm. Then I have dinner, stretch/do yoga, read, watch TV and go to bed. As I said, this varies. Sometimes when I feel I need to get out, I’ll take my dog for a walk in the afternoon. Sometimes I have phone conversations, webinars and in-person meetings which break up the monotony of working on the computer as well.

N: Lastly, what tips would you give an aspiring photographer, graphic designer and blogger?

M: Don’t be afraid to get out there. Sure, you can spend your entire time being a computer blogging. But SO MUCH about blogging is creating connections with other likeminded creative individuals in your area and beyond. Find a mentor or someone you want to befriend and reach out to them. Go to networking events. Put yourself out there so people will see you for more than just a person behind a screen.

So, there you have it. I want to thank Micaela for doing this interview. I have learned so much from her 🙂

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