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Happy Easter!

Hey all! I hope you enjoyed your Easter. I know that I am enjoying my break anyways :). Today I want to share with you a special Bank Holiday treat. An interview with a 23 year old Design student from Poland. Her style is incredible and I just really wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy the interview…

Nadine: Do you think that fashion and design merge?

Iga: I think that everything merges. It’s hard to look at different things separately. I hate thinking or speaking in generalities. One thing leads to another and that how I see it.
N: What is your fashion faux-pas?

I: I don’t believe in faux-pas til you’re true to yourself.
N: Who are your favorite designers?

I: Wow. That’s a tough one. I think that every designer has something to offer and what’s captivating about them are not clothes but a story behind it. Have you heard that Louis Vuitton went on foot to Paris when he was 13 and the travel lasted more than 2 years? That’s why he started his career making suitcases and why it is so expensive these days. Fashion is all about great stories. That’s why i love it so much. But if I had to choose, I would say that Nicolas Ghesquière, Elie Saab and Alexander Wang make the best pieces.

N: What is your favourite fashion piece in your wardrobe right now?

I: I’m totally in love with sunglasses and big statement earrings. It’s hard for me to choose something out of it.
N: What are some of your hobbies?

I: I love to travel, I love it when I have the chance to get to know new people from different cultures. I love to sing and I hope that you’ll hear my voice on the radio one day 😉
N: If you could buy any fashion piece from your favourite store, what would it be?

I: A Birkin bag of course. But I’m not sure how long the waiting list is 😛 My dream also is to have Céline’s Audrey sunglasses.
N: What is the message behind your blog?

I: I’d like to show people that fashion is not a shallow subject. That’s why I’ve started to write posts about fashion history. And also the major part of my blog are my outfits, because I have big hopes to be a World-known stylist one day and I simply just want to work on myself and share my passion with the World.
N: What tips would you give an aspiring blogger and/or designer?

I: There’s only one tip – be true to yourself! You can say that it sounds like a cliché but trust me, I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried to be a better version of myself, I’ve tried to please people. And guess what?! When I was a little bit tired of that and I’ve started to be myself – I’ve began to feel happy and satisfied and my readers noticed that and the feedback is now just great. Being yourself is the best choice you can make.

Thank you so much Iga for taking the time to do this interview!

You can connect with Iga on:

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Her Facebook: StyleNightcap


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