My Interview With Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge

Christina Caradona is the fashion genius behind the blog Trop Rogue. She has a very chic NYC style and is also a model. Here is a little interview that we had together. Enjoy!
Nadine: What inspired you to start Trop Rouge?
Christina: A friend of mine actually introduced me to it, I had no idea what a blog even was. I started Trop Rouge as a fun hobby.
N: What are your most favourite blogs (if any)?
C: I’m more of a Tumblr sorta girl.
N: Do you have any hobbies?
C: Yes I love cleaning.. I consider cleaning a hobby because not everyone likes to do it.
N: How would you define your style and where could people go to achieve that?
C: I think that my style is a perfect reflection of who I am, it’s eclectic yet chic and effortless.
N: What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?
C: I really love my oversize jackets.IMG_9324csfinal
N: Do you have any favourite designers and who are they?
C: I love Kenzo and Celine, but I also have a love for smaller emerging designers. There is this small boutique in East Village called Meg and I’m such a fan, the designer is from New York and the pieces are so timeless.
N: Where do you get inspiration from?
C:I gather inspiration from movies to to friends to the weather to music…really depends on my mood.
N: What tips would you give an aspiring model and/or blogger?
C: Be hard working and never give up.
Thank you so much Christina for agreeing to do this interview.
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